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She didnโ€™t just diagnose my issues, she went deeper and found the underlying source for my elbow pain. She gave me a program without even having to see me in person and after 5 months, I have absolutely no elbow pain at all. On top of that, I improved about 30 lbs in my lifts.
I sought Megan's help to work on chronic neck and shoulder pain that I had been dealing with for years. I wanted to progress and take on more workouts, but my neck and shoulder made me hesitant. Within a week of implementing exercises for stability that Megan recommended for my shoulder, I slept with no pain in my neck for the first time in years.
Megan Marie incorporates much more to a typical physical therapy routine. She is thorough and takes her time to provide her clients with an individualized patient centered session. Her expertise in nutrition counseling gives her patients an advantage to overcome their injuries quicker while also incorporating other healthy measures in their life. I feel confident that any patient sent to Megan-Marie is receiving a holistic approach to their health.
Dr. MK


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