Dr. Megan-Marie

Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas PT, DPT, PN1 is a Physical Therapist (PT) and Health Coach. She received her undergraduate and Doctoral education at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts in 2014, as well as her her Precision Nutrition L1 certification in 2019. During her formal education she worked in Boston’s renowned medical hub, within various PT settings ranging from Intensive Care Units, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation settings, to outpatient sport and geriatric clinics. After graduating, she moved from Boston to San Francisco for a bit of adventure and began working in outpatient multidisciplinary settings until she found herself branching off and starting her own business.

As a movement-based Physical Therapist, Megan-Marie guides her patients to actively recover through injuries through exercises and fitness, as this approach is proven most effective. Because she believes in the big picture of health, she covers more than injuries — things like sleep, nutrition, stress, mindfulness, purpose, fitness, etc. Due to the broad and nuanced scope of her practice, she works with clients in the form of memberships. She helps people achieve personal and physical goals via video calls, plan development, accountability strategies, mindfulness practices, etc. and is essentially a health coach with a doctorate degree in physical health. As a result, her approach has saved many of her clients on unnecessary health-related treatments, while also assisting them achieve personal goals along the way. While her practice is primarily digital via messaging, video and voice calls, she will still see local residents face-to-face for training or traditional Physical Therapy. In an effort to provide care beyond her reach, she has built a lower priced  offering of resources for the public. This is her Resources membership and includes categorized videos and tutorials made by her, as well as a growing library of health resources and workouts.

Because health is more than just physical, Megan-Marie firmly believes that cultivating better health must come from an internal willingness, access to resources, as well as through a collaborative and communicative way. She hopes to empower her clients and the population as a whole by educating them and practicing what she preaches.


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