Hi, I’m Dr.

I’m a Women’s Health
Physical Therapist

and Kettlebell Coach with
a 8+ years of experience and
a strong belief that healthcare
should be pro-wellness
and seamlessly integrated.

I received my undergraduate and 
Doctoral education at Northeastern 
University in Boston,
Massachusetts, my Precision Nutrition L1 
certification in 2019,
and am actively a student for Functional Medicine.
Throughout my education, I worked in
Boston’s renowned medical 
hub within various PT settings including 
Intensive Care Units,
orthopedic and 
neurological rehabilitation centers, and 
outpatient sport and geriatric clinics. 
After graduating, I moved from Boston 
to San Francisco and worked in a 
number of outpatient
settings until branching off and starting my own
Women’s Physical Therapy and Wellness business in 2018.

Outside of my work as
a Women’s Wellness Physical Therapist, my
interests include writing,
audiobooks and fine jewelry-
making, as well as enjoying
the perfect craft cocktail.

My personal forms of expression—from writing
and creating fine jewelry, to dancing and learning
new forms of movement—have always informed my view of how to achieve an integrated healthy lifestyle,
which is how Megan-Marie PT came to be.

I wanted to offer an intentional,
pro-wellness (versus anti-illness) practice via
evidence-based and sustainable approaches that create resilience and vitality for both the body and mind.
As a movement-guided Physical Therapist, Pelvic Health clinician, Yin Yoga teacher, and student Functional Medicine clinician for women’s endocrine health,
I guide my clients’ recovery and fitness through
exercise prescription and functional health education, while also integrating coaching for individualized wellness,
all key components of a healthy life.

I hope to empower my clients
through this
approach, and to continue to

push the boundaries
of all-encompassing

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