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A lab-driven and collaborative approach
to a more balanced, healthy body


No matter your identity or experiences around healthy living, it’s common to experience challenges in the foundations of living well, or to experience physical symptoms of dysfunction like fatigue, recurring pain, brain fog, digestive issues, water retention, interrupted sleep, body tension, infertility and so much more.

Whether you know what to do to, or know the cause of symptoms, the most important thing is knowing how to intervene effectively so you actually feel better, sustainably.

I’m Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas, Doctor in Physical Therapy, Wellness Coach, and Advanced Functional Medicine Student-Practitioner for Functional Medicine.

I help women enhance daily energy, make empowered lifestyle changes, and restore systemic balance in their bodies through various approaches. Through flexible zoom calls, we may leverage gold standard Functional Lab Tests, individualized movement prescriptions, nutrition education, evidence-based nutraceuticals, and collaborative team work. Areas we might cover are:

  • Hormone dysfunctions (PCOS, sex hormone imbalances, cortisol, thyroid, etc.)
  • Immune issues (intestinal inflammation, etc.)
  • Digestive dysfunctions (SIBO, parasitis, pathogens, constipation/diarrhea, etc.)
  • Detoxification dysfunctions (liver congestion, etc.)
  • Energy and metabolic dysfunctions (oxidative stress, thyroid, etc.)
  • Nervous system and stress dysregulation
  • Fat-loss inhibition
  • Sleep, rest, recovery issues
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Pelvic floor and breathing principles
  • Chronic or recurring symptoms
  • Fascial health via Yin Restoration
  • Relationship reframing of food, movement, fitness, and more.
  • Sustainable lifestyle and habit creation
  • Curating a personalized life of genuine wellness
  • Principles of movement, fitness, nutrition

I help you achieve a more physically resilient, energetic, and vital body while also helping you feel empowered to keep going. Also, because timing is a big part of this, I never force what you’re not ready for, but I will encourage you to embrace imperfection.

See the step-by-step approach below, or book your complementary zoom consultation. Prior to our consult, please fill the form that will be sent to your email after booking.

Note: If in the NYC area, this service may be done in-clinic.


Here is an overview of what Functional Wellness may look like for you:

  • Complementary 20-minute consultation zoom call
  • Official initiation call for 40 minutes ($135), with action steps to get you started.
    • Action steps may involve initial at-home lab screens (coming soon!).
  • Check in every 2-4 weeks for 40 minutes, to adjust or progress your plan.
    • Follow-up lab screens may be warranted every 3-6 months to start.
  • Continue, or modify frequency, as needed for weeks, months, or years!

Other variations and options may include:

  • Add-on sessions for movement-based sessions, personal training, education, etc.
  • Add-on sessions during big shifts or when in need of more support
  • Reducing frequency when life is in flow for more than 2-4 check-ins
  • Add-on sessions can be 20m, 40m, or 60m as needed
  • Community subscription for more resources

If you’re ready for a healthier you, but are unclear or unsure how it will work, then that’s all the more reason to begin with a chat. My job is to make it feel seamless and sustainable for you.

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