Opinion: On Learning and Growth

Call me a jerk, but, I don’t understand those who aren’t invested in learning. Those who don’t want to know the “why” behind the things they do. Maybe it’s the efficiency side of me. Maybe it’s the resentful 14yo me who hated being told what to do without a reason. Maybe it’s my skeptic personality.
Despite those reasons, though, I still don’t get it. When you say you want something, don’t you want to know how to get it?
I’m one of those people who knows so little about pop culture, current events, new music, etc. because I’m usually nose diving in one or two things at a time, trying to understand broad and complex topics so I can simplify them into digestible components for myself and others.
If I’m not doing that then my fear is that I’ll be either spreading mis-information or not providing enough value to someone I work with. I’m sure that’s a “me problem” and must stem from some deep insecurity but even then, when I hear someone say they want something, my instinct is to support their next step so they can achieve it (if I can).
If we’re getting deeper with this, my suspicion is that those who want something but don’t yearn to learn how, it’s because they don’t have the bandwidth OR don’t believe they can achieve it.
I have mixed feelings about this. For one, it makes me want to help them believe it. I want to help them see they are capable of reaching their highest potential. For two, it makes me realize how invaluable jobs like mine are. Helping people when they aren’t able to at a given moment or time in their life.
What a privilege that is. And while it’s a privilege, it’s also hard to think only so many people can have access to this kind of support. It’s not cheap. It requires time. It requires energy and commitment. Things not everyone has.
It’s for these reasons that I get frustrated when folks who do have the resources to learn, grow or get support don’t take full advantage of them. For every person that reaches his or her potential, we would be able to help more people who can’t.
What a beautiful ideal world that would be.
Dr. Meg

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