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I’m Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas, a Doctor in Physical Therapy, current student of functional medicine, and health coach who specializes in using specialized movement prescriptions to restore balance in your body. From inflexibility, pain, weakness, to chronic tension and low energy, I evaluate you in your entirety and develop a unique plan to enhance your state-of-being, all without burdening you.

I offer private sessions, classes, and consulting in any of the following, depending on your goals and the results of your evaluation:

  • Physical Therapy or Personal Training
  • Full body flexibility
  • Restoring muscle and joint symmetry
  • Injury, pain, and symptom recovery
  • Chronic pain and weakness
  • Functional strength and endurance
  • Energy and health restoration
  • Return to running and sports

I do not accept insurance, as my appointments with clients are held for extended times and in greater depth than is typically covered. Get a complementary consultation to see if this is right for you by filling out the form below.


This is a monthly holistic wellness subscription designed to give you everything you need to succeed in living healthier and moving better with more function and vitality.

From monthly written strength, cardio, and flexibility programs, to recorded full body fitness classes, complementary live virtual sessions for workouts and questions, you can rest assured you have all the tools to achieve routine and healthier living. Join today and receive:

  • Twice-weekly kettlebell strength, cardio, and recovery program, released monthly
  • Optional free live sessions for working out, questions on technique, functional movement, etc.
  • Evergreen access to recordings of:
    • Kettlebell resilience classes
    • Zones recovery classes
    • Bodyweight HIIT classes
    • Bonus 12-week beginner kettlebell program for newbies
  • Free access to pop-up courses, group challenges, etc.
  • Exclusive member resources for nutrition and kettlebell strength, habit tracking, and roadmaps to health
  • Use your Health Savings Account (HSA) benefits if you have one

Recommended for self-driven individuals looking for skilled classes and instruction, as well as access to me for occasional questions around functional movement and healthy living.


As partners in your health, I will guide and help you stay committed to your long term movement, strength, restorative, and performance health goals. The goals that have always been on your mind, but difficult to stay on top of.

By joining, you will receive the perks of Tier 1, as well as:

  • A 40-minute monthly private session with me to reestablish clear, approachable goals
  • Delivery of as-needed resources, movement prescriptions, health assignments, and more
  • A personalized visual roadmap of your plan with steps, phases, and milestones
  • Direct messaging
  • Exclusive and limited

Recommended for those ready for commitment towards long term health and movement that are strategically tailored to you. You are someone who is yearning to love the journey, not just the results.


If you are simply looking for one-on-one sessions, below is some information to help guide you.

  • Schedule a complementary consultation by filling the form below first
  • Typical appointments are 60min for new client assessments, and then 20-60min post-onboarding
  • Package options for 6 or 12 visits available and recommended for savings and better results
  • The goal is to work privately as long as you need, and then downgrade you to Tiers 2 or 1 when you are ready
  • FSA/HSA may be applicable


What to expect in your Onboarding Appointment:

  • Robust audit on your body, lifestyle, and goals
  • In-depth movement quality assessment
  • 1-3 personalized and actionable takeaways
  • Strategic and approachable follow-up plan for your success


Inquire for at-home concierge sessions in the Jersey City/New York metropolitan area.

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