PT Method

A three-tiered approach
more intentional movement 
for every body

Service Overview

Dr. Meg is an Integrative Movement Coach and Doctor in Physical Therapy, successfully helping folks move better and live healthier with her practical and comprehensive approaches. Below is the kind of virtual coaching she may offer you.

  • Personalized Mobility
  • Proper Form
  • Cardio Conditioning
  • Injury Recovery and Prevention
  • Longevity and Function
  • Metabolism Support
  • Accountability and Habits
  • Nutrition and Health Audit
  • Kettlebell Technique

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The fundamentals

Get unlimited access to live events, workout templates – from
interval sessions to strength training –¬†nutrition resources,
and a periodic 1-Minute newsletter

  • Free hassle free office hours to stay ahead of your health
  • 50% off private sessions with Dr. Meg
  • Entry into her live events and body resilience classes
  • 26 easy-to-use nutrition guides
  • Multiple unique, 4-week workout templates
  • Categorized strength, rehabilitation
    and mobility video library

**Onboarding session currently waived for new members! Dr. Meg will reach out to schedule.**

Better living

Gain access to all the resources in Tier 1,
plus a tailored session each month to
keep you moving forward.

  • 1 included monthly session to stay on track
  • Invitation to join mobile app
  • 50% off additional sessions

**This is a limited service. Schedule for information below**

Movement coaching

Benefit from everything in Tier 1,
plus keep her on retainer for an individualized,
incremental, and achievable mobility plan
using her unique assessment tool and grading system.

  • Live onboarding session together
  • Movement assessment
  • Initial mobility score
  • Priority plan
  • Easy interaction via mobile app
  • Approachable and at-your-own-time video assignments catered to you
  • Video feedback and progressions
  • Scoring reassessments

**This is a very limited service. Schedule for information below**

Is A Membership For You?

If you aren’t ready to take the next step, here is some information that might help. Joining her intentional health community is great for those:

  • Limited in mobility
  • Wanting to feel supple again
  • Struggling with decision fatigue around best practices
  • Feeling like it is impossible to achieve health goals or better mobility
  • Needing trusted guidance around proper movement, mobility, and motivation
  • Wanting access to health resources
  • Interested in training templates made by her
  • Already enjoying her classes

Most either start and stay at Tier 1, or start at Tier 3 and make their way down to Tier 1. You are invited to schedule a free inquiry call below to determine which membership may be best for you!

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