PT Method

An integrative and practical approach
more limitless movement 
for every body

Free Body, Free Mind, Better Life

Hi! I’m Dr. Meg, an expert movement coach and Doctor in Physical Therapy, successfully transforming clients across the globe through specialized training. I seamlessly integrate fitness and my clinical expertise of Physical Therapy so you feel good, move better, and live freely.

I offer private sessions, strength-endurance classes, and consulting in the following:

  • Full body flexibility
  • Supple movement
  • Functional strength
  • Endurance and longevity
  • Injury, pain, and symptom recovery
  • Energy restoration
  • Mind and body optimization

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This monthly membership is for those wanting premium training and healthcare expertise without the big price tag.

Most choose this for its access, affordability, and results! It includes:

  • NEW: Access to all ZONES classes
  • Entry to all specialized kettlebell strength-cardio classes (live and recorded over zoom)
  • Weekly free private office hours for any health question
  • 40% off private virtual sessions, as needed
  • 26 easy-to-apply nutrition guides
  • Early bird access and discounts to pop-up programs

Onboarding kettlebell video tutorials and purchasing information is included!

Tiers 2 and 3 include bi-monthly or weekly sessions, respectively. Inquire to join.

One-On-One $165

If you are simply looking for one-on-one sessions and nothing else, below is some information to help guide you on virtual sessions.

  • New client onboarding: 60minutes
  • Follow ups: 20-60minutes


In order to best serve you, please:

  • Fill this form prior to meeting
  • Wear comfortable clothes on meeting day
  • Be in a quiet space where I can see your full body over zoom
  • Ensure internet connection is good


What to expect:

  • Discussion on current status, future goals, activity and lifestyle practices
  • Physical assessment or screen
  • 1-3 personalized and actionable takeaways
  • Strategy and follow-up plan for your success


Inquire for in-person or concierge sessions in Jersey City / NYC.

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