An integrative and practical approach
more limitless movement 
for every body


Healthy bodies need a balance between movements for resilience and movements for recovery. Without balance, we experience burnout, low motivation, fatigue, chronic tension, recurring aches, injuries, low libido, and a loss of vitality.

I’m Dr. Meg, a Doctor in Physical Therapy and wellness coach who specializes in using movement to elevate your wellness and resilience. I evaluate you in your entirety and develop a unique plan to enhance your state-of-being, all without burdening you.

I offer private sessions, virtual classes, and executive consulting in the following:

  • Full body flexibility
  • Supple mobility
  • Functional strength
  • Endurance and longevity
  • Injury, pain, and symptom recovery
  • Physical Therapy
  • Energy restoration
  • Strategy for restoring health
  • Mind and body optimization

Scan below to view my valued subscriptions and my one-on-one appointment information. Pick what’s right for you or contact me for guidance. Health Savings Account (HSA) benefits may be used if you have one.

Zones $49

Zones is a uniquely curated recovery class series that deeply restores and reinforces one local zone of the body for an entire month. Each month is a new zone.

It is inspired by years of physical therapy, and designed to feel like a restorative tune-up class without the clinic. It is excellent for new movers, fitness enthusiasts, those with pain, and those who value moving well.

Get the convenient benefits of specialized healthcare at a fraction of a single visit with any health expert or personal trainer.

Join today to access Zones and connect yourself back to a healthier body:

  • ZONES™ class – Tuesdays at 6pm ET (40 min)
  • Live and recorded over Zoom for convenience
  • New zone each month (see my Instagram for this month’s zone!)
  • Integrates pieces the best movement practices on the market
  • Built on nearly a decade of Physical Therapy experience
  • Taps into recovery, tightness, flexibility, weakness, underlying pain commonly felt in each zone
  • Discounted private virtual sessions with Dr. Meg (availability permitting)
  • Use your Health Savings Account (HSA) benefits if you have one

Have access to a light-moderate kettlebell and resistance bands to get maximum benefit.


Be A Mover is a strategic and holistic wellness membership designed to give you everything you need to succeed in living healthier and moving better with more vitality.

From Zones™ recovery classes and full body resilience classes using kettlebells, to optional discounted sessions with me for training, physical therapy, accountability, wellness coaching, and more, you can be certain all angles are covered for your healthiest self.

Join today to live better by doing less:

  • ZONES™ classes – Tue 6pm ET (40min)
  • KETTLEBELL classes – M+W 12pm ET (40min)
  • BODYWEIGHT classes – Mon 9:30am ET (50min)
  • Live and recorded over Zoom for your convenience
  • Weekly optional office hours for your quick questions
  • Discounted private virtual sessions for when you need more depth
  • Bonus 12-week beginner kettlebell program for newbies (45min each)
  • Exclusive member download for nutrition, habit tracking, and appointment resources
  • Use your Health Savings Account (HSA) benefits if you have one

One-On-One $185

If you are simply looking for one-on-one sessions and nothing else, below is some information to help guide you.

  • New client onboarding: 60minutes
  • Follow ups: 20-60minutes


In order to best serve you, please:

  • Fill this form prior to our virtual session
  • Wear comfortable clothes on meeting day
  • Be in a quiet space where I can see your full body over zoom
  • Ensure internet connection is good


What to expect:

  • Discussion on current status, future goals, activity and lifestyle practices
  • Physical assessment or screen
  • 1-3 personalized and actionable takeaways
  • Strategy and follow-up plan for your success


Inquire for in-person or concierge sessions in Jersey City / NYC.

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