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No matter your experiences with fitness, health, or athleticism, there comes a time where you might feel stuck trying to balance everything.

If you’re lacking motivation, energy, or consistency in any of the things that go into being healthy, know there are valid, solvable reasons for it.

Or, if you’re simply feeling resistant or unbalanced with what you’re doing currently, despite doing it for years before with no problem, then it’s worth investigating that too.

Even if youΒ know what to do — or even if you don’t — that isn’t the point. The point is something isn’t working and that’s what needs to be fixed.

I’m Dr. Megan-Marie Delegas, Doctor in Women’s Health Physical Therapy and wellness. I help women of all fitness levels restore balance in their bodies, routines, and minds through personalized movement prescriptions, nutrition guidance, and collaborative coaching. Areas we might cover are:

  • Fat-loss
  • Energy restoration
  • Body tension or stiffness
  • Flexibility or strength
  • Dysregulated nervous systems
  • Restoring athleticism
  • Speed and power
  • Chronic pain or aches
  • Fitness, technique, and form
  • Restoring or creating routines
  • Life adjustments
  • Movement aversion or fear
  • Sleep quality
  • Unlearning societal conditioning
  • Beginner or advanced movement
  • Yin Restoration
  • Principles of movement and fitness

I help you get back to feeling physically and mentally free, strong, flexible, grounded and energized through approachable action steps. Because timing is a big part of this, I never force what you’re not ready for.

See the step-by-step approach below, or book your complementary consultation. Prior to our call, please fill the form that auto-sends to your email.


Here is an overview of what coaching may look like for you:

  1. Complementary 20-minute consultation zoom call
  2. Official initiation call for 40 minutes, with 1 – 3 inviting action steps to get you started
  3. Check in every 2-4 weeks for 40 minutes, to adjust or progress you
  4. Continue, or modify frequency, as needed for weeks, months, or years!

Other variations and options may include:

  • Add-on sessions for movement sessions / personal training
  • Add-on sessions during big shifts or when in need of more support
  • Reducing frequency when life is in flow for more than 2-4 check-ins
  • Add-on sessions can be 20m, 40m, or 60m as needed
  • Community subscription for more resources

If you’re ready for change, but are unclear — or even distrusting of your ability to do so — then that’s all the more reason to begin.

My job is to make it feel as approachable – or as intense – as is appropriate for you.

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