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Creating balance through fascia,
breathing, and customized sessions


Yin Restoration is a personalized experience meant to tilt your body’s scale back into balance, whether you’re an elite powerlifter, a new parent, a high functioning professional, have pain, or are someone with anxiety, depression, or body tension.

Following a robust virtual, or in-person, evaluation with me — a certified Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga teacher and Doctor in Physical Therapy– I create personalized Yin Restoration sessions for you, to be done virtually or at your home together. Each session is built on Yin-style yoga poses, and guided by Physical Therapy, breath, and metabolic principles of wellness. What does this mean?

Yin is a stretch-based practice that very intentionally places your body in safe positions to challenge your tension points, like the tension you might feel in your hips or neck.

The tissue in your body that is often responsible for those tension points is called fascia, and it is an organ-like system that houses a dense volume of nerve endings, or receptors, that communicate to the brain.

If fascia isn’t optimally healthy, that communication in your body can become dysfunctional, which can affect things like pain signaling, healing, digestion, sleep quality, fertility, fitness performance, or even emotional regulation!

Because yin intensity is low, Yin Restoration is intended to address your fascia’s health and help you restore equilibrium, even if you’re an active person. In fact, the more active or fast-paced you are, the more I recommend it for you!

Yin Restoration can support those experiencing:

  • Chronic, recurring, or nerve pain
  • High stress jobs or lifestyles
  • High intensity fitness or sports
  • Pelvic floor tension
  • Hormonal dysfunctions
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Metabolism issues
  • Muscle, fascial tension or inflexibility
  • Chronic headaches
  • Fight, flight, freeze concerns
  • and more!

If you’d like  to learn more, feel free to schedule a complementary zoom chat with me. Virtual group classes are available for viewing below.

The Details

Below is what you need to know and have before scheduling your personalized Yin Restoration session. Live virtual group classes are coming soon (see next section below).


Please schedule your private sessions accordingly:

  • New-Client Onboarding (60min)
  • In-Person or Virtual Yin Restoration Sessions (60min)


Please be in a quiet space, wearing comfortable clothes and loose layers if in a cool space. Be sure to have the following with you:

The links are simply for reference. Feel free to use what you have or purchase styles that align best with you.

Group Classes

Live Yin Restoration sessions are on the docket! Classes for specific regions, dysfunctions, and pain coming soon. Class scheduler is below.

Zoom link will be sent within 1 hour of class. See above for recommended equipment.

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